Only twenty years ago few people thought occurred to use aluminum to create the structural elements of buildings. Now with aluminum profiles are produced not only advertised windows, doors and partitions, but also billboards, pavilions and much more. Explained by the peculiarities of such a love of the material. Aluminum is lightweight and durable, corrosion resistant and durable. In numbers, its benefits are as. Construction of aluminum can withstand temperatures from -80 to +300 C. Without loss of quality can be used for 80 years.

Aluminum is 100% fire safe. Key components of success profile aluminum universal: from it we can make plain design for home use and extensive fencing elements for outdoor use. Ease of profiles, not only physically but also visually allows to embody the most bizarre ideas: from the original small parts to intricate designs of buildings. The inherent lightness of aluminum profiles does not prevent them to be surprisingly strong. For many years such designs with glitter withstand even very serious load without deformation and, moreover, without breaking. Calls to protect the environment, preserve and improve the environmental situation by giving the world can not leave indifferent any one person. Aluminum profile meets the requirements of environmental and safety for people. High ecological purity of products ensures the absence of harmful impurities in the material for construction.

Selected alloy meets all the requirements of gost. High performance acoustic and thermal performance can significantly save on utility costs, for example, electricity. Aluminum profile may look like anything. From two hundred and offered to paint colors, you can pick up that color, that texture, which will emphasize the individuality of the interior and exterior.