If you were attracted billiards, Russian, pool or snooker, you definitely need to buy a billiard cue. Because, just having your cue, you can increase your skill at billiards. Boris aris – known Moscow wizard producing professional cues. Workshop there on the pool market for over 10 years. High-tech, large enough production allows to produce all the parts and components for the manufacture of cues manual work on their own, without resorting to the purchase of spare parts. Each gash, twisting, shaft is fitted to each of the billiard cue by hand, experienced craftsmen, so each cue is essentially unique. Kee Arisova made in classic version ('classic Viennese-gash'), and the embodiment of 'Crown' and 'Gossamer'. Sometimes the styles are combined.

Constantly updated product range makes them interesting for beginners and professionals. Billiard cues master Andrei Bolshakov rightfully belong to the elite in the production of handmade cue. Apart from the fact that these cues are very beautiful, they still have excellent playability. They are highly appreciated by many professional billiard. His instrument is the world champion Yuri Paschinsky. This is an expensive, high-quality raw materials (prior to making a cue all the materials are multi-level processing), a very difficult job (thickness washed down less than 1 mm), the unique geometry of the (cue his studio just a pleasure to hold in your hands), and as a result of consistently high quality game. Kee studio ace made from high quality raw materials: rosewood, wenge, stained hornbeam, ebony. The original lock-twist (designed as a "screw" with a great pitch, screw-in textolite mate), which guarantees the effect at impact is not distinguishable from the solid wood of the cue. This ensures high quality gaming cue. At the bottom of the stamp is worth Wizard "ACE"