The home as one of the most important points in the life of the people requires that its contour and each and every one of its areas offers the best conditions to make a very nice living space. It is common to provide home some special feature that showed a more welcoming, as is the presence of fireplaces in various houses, which is achieved both a more elegant setting to have such an excellent show of good taste, while through the chimneys can create a more pleasant environment through its structure with the presence of fire in a controlled manner and which accommodates a very welcoming and supportive environment for certain special situations. As you can understand the fireplaces are perfect samples of aesthetics and design of homes, thanks to its characteristics and the possibilities it offers clutch-less chimneys besides that other buildings are designed to meet other purposes, such as evacuation the smoke from certain points at which focuses or generated hot gases to be evacuated to the exterior of the building and there is where the chimneys as a means to smoke in the atmosphere and out of a particular location. The placement of the different fireplaces usually shown in a fully vertical with the idea that the hot gases and smoke can be fully evacuated without any problems, however there are also other types of fireplaces that are made of different form, ie they are not completely vertical, such chimneys are used in different activities such as carrying food, therefore are located in kitchens or in some boiler rooms where the smoke evacuation looking through different holes . The type of fireplaces that are not completely vertical have certain special characteristics, both have different mesh to prevent animals from nesting inside, the inclination of these must be different from year to facilitate the function of output and gas Hun hot. As you can see the chimneys with the features they offer can occur in many places not only in parties which perform certain activities that are hot gas emissions at home, you can also see the fireplaces in some mobile structures such as locomotives and trains and in various ships. So when talking about stacks disclaims the term to building harmonious own a home, since it opens space for industrial and transportation activities, and too often speak of the chimney when there are certain natural formations which serve the same functions to have a similar form of composition of soil or rock through which gases and smoke are issued as are the geysers or volcanoes, which through a conduit magma or steam issuing outwards from the surface.