The musician Leonard Cohen has been recognized today with the Prince of Asturias prize for literature for his literary work not performed musically, with books such as flowers for Hitler, the beautiful losers, the favorite game or let us compare mythologies. Sung poetry or a subtle prose, rocked on a few unmistakable and unique folk melodies have made that the jury of the Prince of Asturias Awards decant by recognizing the Canadian singer with the most outstanding award of the Spanish lyrics. Among the musical background of Leonard Cohen highlights disks that have marked an era among fans of the singer as Songs from a Room (1969), Songs of Love and Hate (1971), Death of a Ladies Man (1977), I’m Your Man (1988) and his last work of study published in 2004, Dear Heather. The Prince of Asturias Award of literature has been the fifth award of failing the 8 that the jury awarded annually..