Means bleaching it is possible to optimize the beauty of your teeth. General information about professional tooth cleaning and beautiful teeth. Beautiful teeth are your business card is the way to the dentist for many people an unpleasant affair. But not only in dental pain, you should find their way into the dental practice. More and more people go namely voluntary: it is of interest or for cosmetic reasons.

The whitening of teeth is so a beauty service, which is also offered by more and more practices. Teeth discolored from coffee, tea, or smoking are lightened, and shine in a naturally beautiful white. Important to know: the whitening should indeed take place under the supervision of a dentist, because not every tooth can be brightened. Exists to such an inflammation of the gums, not gebleacht. Also Dental restorations or veneers can not be brightened. Modern bleaching, so how they now apply most dentists, are procedures Incidentally, harmless to teeth and gums. Only temporarily, there can sometimes be hypersensitivity.

It goes away but soon. During the bleaching only”helps for the good looks, the provision in the form of professional tooth cleaning is important for the health of the teeth. Because simple tooth brushing is not enough if you want to have long enjoyment of your own teeth. Countless studies have proven that. Only who cares, to go time, 2-3 year professional tooth cleaning helps prevent serious diseases of the gums and teeth. Because the toothbrush is not always in the teeth or gums, where not a few dangerous bacteria can settle up. Their metabolic products cause a decrease of the jaw bone in the worst case resulting in tooth loss in a row. Conclusion: Go not only in pain to the dentist. With bleaching and tooth cleaning everyone can do his teeth once something good: A gentle spa treatment in the form of a bleaching every smile makes radiantly beautiful. Who thinks it’s not necessary, but nevertheless regularly should go to professional tooth cleaning. The teeth will thank one. Andreas Mettler