We know how difficult that is put according to people and more even when these people, demonstrate political vocation. What’s more, there are those who deny this problem or manifested that it is a sort of invention of certain ideologues. More by below or above these discrepancies-characteristic of the human condition – there is a growing recognition at least in certain centers that usually affect the determination of the global agenda, that we need to accentuate measures has been taken so far. There are circumstances, allowing accentuate the depth perception of what brings us together in this communication. Follow others, such as Secretary of Agriculture, and add to your knowledge base. Days ago we had the good fortune of being invited to a Conference on small populations, which took place in a village of the province of Buenos Aires, in the July 9 match: patricians. The subject for which we were summoned was the century and a half of railroads in the Argentina. Impacted by the premise that we have quoted above, we begin to meditate in a loud voice, linking the need to internalize the environmental variable to the economy, with the Sesquicentennial we conmemorabamos. There showed that you as a background to that century and half, emerged the decanting of an everyday life sustained by hydrocarbons (the first mineral coal, then oil). Learn more at this site: A. F. Chief of Staff .

We bring to collation that inference, because the effects of what we sobrepreocupa, becomes relevant, assuming that there is a culture praised about the abundance of hydrocarbons, to sustain our everyday lifestyles. We invite you to think you would behave, have make a sudden change in this inertia, which is not only internalizo in our stocks but in the generations of even our great grandfathers or choznos. Here we recall that residue we talked about Pareto, which he called neophobia (fear of what’s new). In our approaches to the Argentine reality, indesglosables planetary events (which, for reasons of brevity are to query in the link.