The structure of the business plan commercial site structure Business Plan for an Internet project on the composition differs little from the well-known variants. However, it is worth noting that the contents of a business plan for the site identifies their key features. 1.Introduction (Conclusions). In This part of the business plan should set out the findings of future e-commerce site. Identified and disclosed all of its advantages, which provides market. Here you specify the opportunities that provides commercial site and the resulting business prospects for achieving the goals.

Identify weaknesses and problems, and also should indicate how, perhaps, to find a solution. Produced by the analysis describes the essence of the Internet project and fundamental issues: What is the business activities; Which consumers calculated; What makes the Internet – a project (product or service) from competitors; Why interested consumers; What to implementation of the required funding sources and their volume. Mandatory condition of this writing is part of the projected financial performance: revenue, sales, capital expenses, profit Payback site, etc. A distinctive feature of this section is that his writing is carried out in the final turn, that is, after writing all the other parts of the business plan. 2.Osnovnaya characterization of an Internet project.

This section of the Business Plan refers to the ground. It is important to fully disclose the idea of creating an internet business. Identify all the benefits and prospects that provides business website. See what opportunities provides a website, as consumers, so the owners of the project.