It is hard to believe that a simple letter can give us the information we need when they are lying on a table, the truth of the matter is that the cards are not whom we are providing this information, being them the means to achieve contact with loved that if we’re going to bring. What people? That depends on who invoke them, usually people who practice white magic, always make contact with the light beings, angels and archangels, that in the case of the interpretation of the oracle Carat Angelic or the angels and those who practice magic or other are outside of the Christian faith, rely or fallen angels are fallen spirits or other low light. Cundo decided to learn about something in particular, a problem or event and we want to find out through the letters of angels, the first thing to do is have faith that such information will reach us is accurate and completely true, since what otherwise enter an enormous confusion and could make a mistake if we decide to use that information acquired to make a decision.

The information comes immediately ask the question, is real and not twice, this is generally very fast, we could say that in a second we would see in our minds a number of events and situations that would respond to our concerns. Why give us much information in so little time? The spiritual realm they inhabit the beings of light, is very different to the material plane we inhabit us, time is handled very differently to them (time does not exist ) are layers of traveling thousands of places and get much information in just a second. It is difficult to understand this because for us to achieve many tasks involve a wastage of time depending on what is being done, even many times and know how many hours, days or months it takes us and that is why we compare the time variable flat material with the astral plane, you never understand it. How do we convey the Angels this information? For information is clear, there are several methods and practices that must be done before pulling the cards and ask questions, one is to meditate and forget the problems, we close our eyes and connect with the Angels by a prayer that invokes being or beings that we are bringing the messages. When we reach the perfect state of reception, we ask the question and if we are connected with the being of light in our minds we will see images or hear whispers that are easily understood and translated in response to our question, we should not use words or response images that correspond to our imagination or what we want to happen, this does not work that way, so we must free ourselves from emotions and accept the answer that comes and hurts us, because they want to change is to free the imagination and bring false events and false answers. Ferney Rodriguez – Tarot.