unless that woman have any disease, such as diabetes or that the baby has a problem in particular, which thanks to the technologies that today there can be detected on time, with the time needed for each woman, since each one is unique as each baby, the body is working to go giving way, throughout our body works with the time needed to stretch out, open and accommodate the needs of the baby. Contractions are big waves pushing us, the baby settles we feel, we vibrated, we groan contractions are not painful, but great waves which immerse us to the more intense sensations, thanks to them my body is preparing, my body is making and will be giving way to the baby in my belly. Each contraction us brings more to that baby. Fears, if safe, appear thousands, but fear makes us go more beyond, makes us grow because we did not stay quiet there, for example if I’m afraid of the darkness I will seek find a light, I am filled with value and I Road will know what to find the light that goes to calm my concern. Click Jack Fusco to learn more. Well that happens in pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth, puerperium, same happens with breastfeeding, parenting and life itself!, one has to go out for more, one has to look for that value in his heart and in his mind to be able to go ahead and above all trust in your body. Sometimes it is necessary to work hard in order to find ourselves, to give that look towards our interior, if it is necessary to ask for a hand, you have to do it.

And once everything has flowed, once you’ve kidded so that vos you wanted it, with people that I respected, taking decisions consciously, you will know that it was you that power, that wisdom to guide you for the wonderful adventure that it is giving birth. Empower themselves is difficult, but once you get it, that wound from the past will not be more than a scar with a history and a memory. You enfocaras that history and memory as the day your first child was born, and say it with pride, say it clearly, because it was and so I had that to be able today to live another experience and totally differently, to feel unique. I you can give birth, birth and rebirth.