The so-called cosmeceuticals considered one of the major trends in the Beatuy – and lifestyle – cosmetics some facts and figures about cosmeceuticals products for several years. Strictly speaking, the term of Cosmeceutical is a neologism, so a new neologism, introduced during the 1990s by the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the United States. Meanwhile, this term prevailed but as a standalone term and is used in a variety of contexts. r. Cosmeceuticals is composed of the two words of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, thereby means basically skin care products that contain a maximum concentration of biologically active substances. So most of these ingredients are although particularly common, but their effect is usually not associated with cosmetic aspects in connection. Examples of these effects substances include: vitam A (retinol), vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) or the Coenzyme Q10.

Another important feature is that these cosmeceuticals However exceed not to the (prescription) drug products here and thus freely available in any drug store or beauty salon. In other words it is a drug, a cosmetic product sold and promoted. The term is subsumed a whole range of products, which are applied to the skin (balm, creams and lotions). Products in same category, which have an effect through oral feeding, operate in this context the term of Nutricosmetics. In detail, the following products fall below then including: anti wrinkle creams remedies for hair loss anti aging products moisturizing creams disinfectant suntan lotion review on the American food is many state regulators here representing cosmeceuticals products on the part of the authorities and Drugs Administration called are extremely critical of the products imported under the label cosmeceuticals due to its unclear assignment. One of the main arguments here is that before launch be decided must, whether such cosmeceuticals as (1) cosmetic products or just as (2) drug/medicine are classified. In the case of (2) this would mean particularly much tighter, more expensive controls and tests, so the suspicion of using (1) infiltrated or can be left behind. In this sense, certainly the question of labelling the product on the market should be brought under the, plays a crucial role.

For example, a deodorant can be described as either cosmetic or medical antiperspirant, which closes the pores. And sketched criticism lies precisely in this point. Because the authorities under deception of consumers through false promises in product advertising the pharmaceutical companies here frequently. With content close to a medical ingredient will suggests that just the necessary tests of a drug be run. Conclusion regardless of the above criticisms and empirical fact detectable effect of bioactive substances in the cosmeceutical, albeit not a consumer needs to worry, that these products in any form are dangerous. Not for nothing, many customers report extremely excited and happy about their experiences with the cosmeceuticals. Whether it is ready to pay the price for this purpose called, everyone must decide for themselves eventually.