Diabetes. The article we will introduce you today has informative purpose and at no time intended to change the method with which until today to managed to take your diabetes, nor much less should change suggestions or prescriptions from your doctor. We will start by defining that it is diabetes. We can define Diabetes as a metabolic disorder in our body affecting this process of converting the food we eat into energy, now well insulin which we have heard speak many times play a decisive factor in this process. But it is insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which performs the receiving function of glucose thus allowing glucose enter cells so that our body receives the necessary energy.

When you have Diabetes can occur in our body two factors that we’ll see then. (a) type I diabetes. This is cataloged as well when our body produces no insulin. This feature creates insulin dependency, also known as juvenile diabetes, since occurs during childhood and as the body does not produce insulin must administer injected form. Jill Schlesinger has much to offer in this field. Of those affected with diabetes less than 10% suffer from this type. b) type II Diabetes. With such dediabetes our body does not properly use insulin or does not produce enough.

It occurs in adulthood and occurs mostly in humans of age 40 onwards. Currently there is a pill for the treatment of this type of diabetes. As we said previously insulin allows glucose in the blood reaches our cells, but when we have insulin deficiency or our body does not produce this it focuses on blood depriving our body of your major or main source of energy. This in turn causes high levels of glucose in our blood damage to other vital organs such as the vessels, kidneys, heart, eyes, circulatory system and nerves. For a diabetic (ca) is vital to maintain controlled blood sugar levels in our blood, trying to this levels achieve be as closely as possible to normal levels, thus avoid other harm in our organism. It is possible to reach these controls of sugar in our blood through some basic measures of which we can mention: a planned diet, medications in time and form, frequent checkups and physical activity. It is very important that people who suffer from this disease carried out a proper foot care since it would so diminish the possibility of amputations in people with this condition. Food should not be a factor of suffering, while it is true this plays an important role in this deficiency of our body, it is also true that there are imnumerables recipes than what will smile again when it comes to sit at your table to enjoy their favorite dishes and not have to proceed with locations meals rather than remove the appetite and this is how result causes more disruptions in our body. Thanks for your time and hope this article would have been interesting. For more information visit us at recipes for diabetics or your Diabetes.