Have you ever thought that all diets require that pass a hungry or when you can eat only oblige you to eating tasteless food or what tastes bad? Although it is necessary to fight against the temptations of sweets, chocolates and delicious greasy food, this diet that you discover is the result of several nutritionists practical study for many years.This is how to eat better and more, and how to lead a healthier life. First of all, let’s talk about sugar. Sugar is one of the enemies of the organism. Chocolates, candies, cakes and everything that may contain high levels of sugar can cause damage to our health. This seems to be part of the popular wisdom. However, please note that there are also types of sugar which are beneficial to the body, such as fructose. Fructose is the sugar content in fruits. It is completely natural and organic, so it does not undergo any chemical process.

You should start to replace sweets with fruit. It’s simple: apples and grapes, for example, they contain good dose of fructose, so its flavor is very delicious, but will not cause harm to your body which could cause the processed sugars. Carbohydrates are other substances that have to look at closely. They are very associated popularly with the sugars, but they are not the same. In fact, there are good carbohydrates, in recommended doses.

For example the carbohydrates contained in bread wheat bread or integral. The crackers, cereals and pastas also are part of this group of healthy carbohydrates. All this food increase the insulin and sugar levels in the blood. These foods can be consumed by us without having to measure them too. However, everything in excess is bad, so you should not abuse any food by healthy to be. Some nutritionists have established food them rich in carbohydrates s, and they are helpful include: whole grain breads, rice, fruits and vegetables, potatoes among others. Fruits deserve special mention already containing high doses of fiber which helps to burn fat quickly. Good fats and bad fats. Fats are everywhere. It is almost impossible to not eat them. Note that the fat by itself is not bad, and not fatten. The problem is primarily in the type of fat that you are consuming. There are good fats which in fact will help the body to burn fats harmful. These good fats include: margarine, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and nuts as walnuts and almonds. Processed foods are another type of foods that should be avoided. These foods contain too much sugar and chemicals that are used as preservatives and dyes, mainly. These include: artificial sugars, fructose artificially processed (not that is in its natural state fruit), hydrogenated oils and many soy products. Replace products processed by natural products such as meat, eggs, healthy oils, potatoes, chicken fruit and vegetables. Include these foods in their daily lives and have a diet without endure hunger. Measure the quality and quantity of fats that is consuming and surely there will be already the middle of the road.