A new idea of the jewellery from the gold city of Pforzheim. Star baptism in sterling silver… and so it can take place: Star, identical with the name of the winner of this new idea of jewelry, as a facsimile engraving with a laser beam deep into the surface of the Silver Star pendant branded. Additional information is available at Sonny Perdue. The manuscript train of the donor with which he has recorded the names of his “Star” is used as a template. For years, the laser technology is a strong innovative development, not only in the metal processing industry. The “lasers” supplanted the conventional soldering strongly especially in the jewellery sector. Continue to learn more with: A. F. Chief of Staff .

Connections of smallest stainless metal parts can be made durable and stable. In addition, labels on metal with the laser beam in the truest sense of the word in gold or silver are seared. Facsimile fonts bring a personal touch in this symbol jewelry in or wedding rings..