The necessary debate to deal with the econservacionista ambient education. Second it deals with the rational use of the natural resources, the productive ecosystem handling and other ends. Already the education ambientalprecisa to be an education politics, directed toward an modification of values. Not obstante, in the ambient education it is necessary to take care of ethical aosvalores, that is, to respect the values that support the humanalocal culture. The orientaes of the Conference of Tbilisi determine that, to if tratardas ambient questions, are necessary to consider the cultural, social aspects, ethical politicians and.

In this way, in accordance with arguments of Grn (1996), fundamental to carry through a hermeneutic boarding for the dimension ethical and polticada ambient education. As this perspective, finishes this text with umaafirmao of Grn (1996), that in its agreement the conception of necessary educaoambiental to exceed the epistemolgico threshold, causing abordagemambiental by means of a tematizao of the areas of the knowledge in ethical-historical umaperspectiva that if extends stops beyond the resume. This if deveao fact of that everything what it is transmitted in educandos the comoos schools influences the way understand the relations between culture and the environment.