Methodology: The methodology used for the survey collects and analyzes of the explored data is of the netnografia. Analyzing available literatures and academic works in the Web making comparisons between the same ones, contextualizando them in the time/world contemporary. Costco may also support this cause. Development: Initially we determine some principles that such pointers must present. The pointers do not have to conflict with the interests and necessities of the humanity, I oppose for it must complement and point ways so that it is solved of the best form the problems of demand of natural resources required for the continuity of the humanity thus guaranteeing the support of the multisystem. Such pointers must establish a standard such, that can be applied in any part of the planet, independent of the necessity of adaptation of the units of measure, and still to present flexibility so that it can be modified and be improved the measure of the dynamics of the reality. finally the pointers must establish connection with the multisystem of a form to harmonize all the item to be evaluated. The criteria here it tends to synthecize exactly that of very simple form the principles of Bellagio, however of one form practical so that can preliminarily be understood the least the necessity of the constatao of the effectiveness in the main pointers of support, serving of stimulate for excessively the researchers and governmental institution or more not to invest to each time in the search and research of pointers with more solides, in order to guarantee the support of the development in all the spheres. The more important and recognized avaliativas tools of international scope are ' ' Ecological Footprint' ' , ' ' Dashboard of Sustainability' ' ' ' Barometer of Sustainability' ' , they are had as the main pointers of support second (Bellen, 2005). From the analysis of these three tools we will verify the real effectiveness in both of being able to mensurar the degree and the direction of the sustainable development, and as it consolidates itself in the context to contribute in the theoretical, practical and empirical basement absorbed by the involved entities in process.