The Director of education, Xesus Vazquez, is dndio ensuring that there would be an increase of the workday for teachers, as trade unions warned, but it is a restructuring of the teaching day. Letters to teachers of Madrid joined the path of cuts. The regional President, Esperanza Aguirre, sent a letter to 18,000 teachers of secondary Madrilenos that informing them that will have to d ar twenty hours of class per week instead of eighteen, which would mean a savings of almost 80 million euros. With the increase in teaching hours are nullified two others devoted to tutoring. UGT and CC OO criticized the measure and also alerted the Suppression of 3,300 jobs temporary teachers, the most worrying extent, well above the increase in teaching hours.

Thus, education of the community of Madrid trade unions convened a strike against the cuts made by the Ministry of education, probably for September 14, Although the calendar is still to close. The more drastic changes were also the last to arrive and they did to Castile – La Mancha, Spain. The regional President, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, announced that will increase to teachers in that community two hours a week (from 18 to 20 in secondary and 23 to 25 in infant and primary) and you will be paid two months of vacation to the interns that work more 5.5 months, so will be charged according to time worked, with a maximum of 22 working days. The Junta de Castilla – La Mancha wants to save in addition 28 million suppressing 32 of 33 training centres for teachers and another 111 million euros in statutory staff with three measures: freeze the offer of public employment in 2012, prohibit the hiring of interns except that it is funded finalists and adjust productivity plug-ins. It is not the first time that the education sector is affected by regional governments deficit reduction plans. In 2010 cut the salaries of officials (including teachers), reduced scholarships and cut about 2,000 million euros destined for after-school activities. Source of the news: the school year begins scrambled, with strikes and protests by cuts in education