If you are considering to initiate to surely make businesses in Internet you have noticed that does not exist much clear information on the options that you have and is very dispersed. When finishing reading this article you will have one better idea of the options that you have if they interest the businesses to you in Internet. By the way, this article was born because recently a reader commented to me that he wanted to initiate to make businesses in Internet and asked to me that which were the options that it had. When responding to him, I decided that it would share the information that d him in the site for benefit of all. Here we go first that I want to explain is that like in the real world, in the virtual world the businesses can be separated clearly according to what you sell: a product or a service. We explore the first options that you must to sell products in Internet. Products Physical Products the most evident option is to sell products through a store in line.

It can be your own store or platforms like DeRemate.com, eBay.com, etc. You can obtain products with wholesalers, to sell your own products (inventions, manualidades, etc.) or to make a product designed by somebody more (to that you will pay a percentage to him of the sale by the right to sell its creation). Prodcutos Physical (without inventory) Existe a special case of the physical product sale that has become popular: Drop-Shipping. It consists basically of which instead of to acquire a product inventory in advance (running the risk of not selling them) you can realise your orders of purchase to the distributor until the moment in which you realise the sale. The distributor will be in charge to diretamente send the product to him diretamente to your client.