Finland – The land of a thousand lakes. Almost no other country is fascinated by the people so that between Sweden and Russia provides a haven for adventurers, rest and relaxation. In Lapland you can visit the Santa Claus or you can watch the Aurea Borealis, a natural spectacle of the first class. But also in Finland’s cities have the opportunity to retreat to normal life. Sun Helsinki was recently the host of the Euro Vision and musical Finland has to offer something. Who wants to live in Finland should try, sooner or later, the language of the Finns to appropriate, as this may be not only in private life, but also in the professional advantage.

There are a wide variety of institutions in Finland, where you can learn in an intensive course the broad language in one year. Also in Finland the training is very far forward. For instance, Finland is situated in the Pisa test right at the front and there are many courses offered in English. For the state has a very high priority to the training, it is no wonder that Finns will be funded for their studies with 410 EUR per month by the state. But foreigners can be eligible if they have worked for at least two years in Finland. The courses are almost all built under the new bachelor (three years) and Master’s degree program.

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