FLOWMETERS FLOW – Variable Area Flowmeters Flowmeters in life often are called counters, gauges and rotameter. Most often used as flow meters and water heating, are installed in homes for the precise calculation of hot and cold water, as well as the consumption of heat in the cold period. Anyone who has once fixed his meter, he knows that the savings from such a counter is enormous. By the way, the flowmeter is sold completely affordable price to every buyer. Just flowmeters are used in wine, alcohol, distillery and other industries. Constant differential pressure flow meters and rotameters used to measure expenses and net flows of homogeneous low contaminated liquids and gases flowing. pipeline and not subject to significant fluctuations. Rotameter is a long tapered tube set vertically, along which the action moving upward flow moves to float.

The float moves up until the area of the annular opening between the float and the inner surface of the conical tube is not reach a size at which the pressure drop on both sides of the float becomes equal to the settlement. At the same time acting on the float forces are balanced, and the float is set at a height compatible specific value or scale of the flow. The principle of flow meters based on the dependence of movement of the body that is in flux and dynamic pressure of the receiving stream flowing around it, the flow rate substance. Widespread metering the flow is constant differential pressure flow meters – rotameters, float and piston. The principle of constant pressure drop flow is based on Depending on the flow of matter vertical movement of the body – the float is in flux and changing the area of the orifice device so that the pressure drop on both sides of the float remains constant. Some flowmeters flow, flow metering equipment called a compensation-type movement of the body flow is measured by the value of the pressure that creates the force applied to the body and balancing the dynamic flow pressure on him. Float and piston flow meters – rotameters Float constant differential pressure flowmeter consists of a float and a conical seat located in the housing instrument. Conical seat performs the same role as the tapered tube flowmeter.

The difference is that the length and diameter are approximately equal to the saddle, while the length of the tapered tube rotameters much greater than its diameter. In piston flow meter sensor is a piston that moves under the pressure of water inside the sleeve. Sleeve has an inlet and outlet, which is a diaphragm of variable section. The piston rod is connected with the core of the transmitting transducer. Flowing through the meter fluid enters the piston and raises it. This opens to a greater or lesser extent, the opening weekend diaphragm. The fluid flowing through the diaphragm, while also fills the space above the piston, which creates a reaction force.