Right-left or left to right? The teacher came into the audience and found a real war. The class was divided into two groups, each of which sought to drown each other. One half of the class argued that the present portrait of a man the right eye must be placed from right to left, forming an upward diagonal, which attracts attention and refines the image. The second half of the class argued that as soon as we write and read left to right, just so, to facilitate our perception, and must reside opinion portrayed – de look right – look to the future, look to the left – a dead end, catastrophe, tragedy. Both militant groups, proving its point of view are given as examples of well-known talented photographers, throw quotes from wise books on composition and art history, and, of course, loudly. How else can you win in this dispute? Finally, the old man tired of watching all of this mess and he tried to attract attention. – When I was a little kid, I remember one winter very ill, and my mother took me on a sled in neighboring village to see the doctor. The class quieted down.

– Sledge easily slid on snow-covered road, winter's day quickly faded and the sky will be a huge yellow moon. Moon, clinging to the tops of spruce trees, growing along the road, gently and persistently accompanied us in the hard way. She also moved with us. I could not tear from her eye. Finally, we got to the doctor, the doctor examined me and scheduled treatment. Mother took me back home. And the moon is again accompanied us. But then suddenly on the way we met our neighbor, who also became ill and her child who also was carrying his sleigh for a visit to the doctor.

And this child, sitting on a sled, too fixedly watching the moon. I thought – perhaps he watching the moon because the moon is also accompanied by his movement. But how can this be? After all, we are moving towards each other – as the moon can move simultaneously in two different directions opposite to each other? I do not I remember how old I was then, but I clearly remember his martyrdom in the process of solving this is probably the first in my life, logically unsolvable problems … … However, when a few days later, we again went to the doctor, I do, knew that the moon is on the actual fact will not move. And the fact that it moves us – I just think.