The monitor can be connected through adapters D-Sub – SCART, D-Sub – component video output, so that only one D-Sub connector to connect any problems does not create. It is clear that the presence of a single connector – a sign of fiscal monitor, but on the other hand if you need to price the device, it is more profitable to buy a plug adapter for D-Sub, than to pay extra 40 – $ 50 for the presence of additional connectors on the display. Game test a computer game for our test performed Crysis, which is famous for complex polygons, highly detailed textures and extremely intense storyline. It should be noted that the signal and monitor HD1080 BenQ G2220HDA, Crysis fit perfectly. On the small screen, we were so realistic and exciting world that soon turned into a test computer battle, and the only effort Will you come out of the game. Picture Game transmitted monitor super clear, fast-moving objects on the frame and the "flying background" or does not smear, and in general we can say that this game is a relatively small screen was not less interesting and vivid than when we played on a giant plasma of the same resolution. Cinema-test to check the video features we ran the monitor step by step from the very best in quality Full HD signal up to the ruined MP4 digital compression with a resolution of 520 by 230 picture points. High quality video monitor showed how they say "in all its glory." The picture is clean, extremely realistic, contrast, even at off the dynamic contrast is extremely high.