Aspects that are valid be taken into account in reality Venezolana, where uncertainty, turbulence each day manifested product of the policy and its impact on the economy of the country, the high cost of living, in the deterioration of the quality of life of the Venezuelan which increasingly diminished its ability to income, which does not reach to cover common expenses of the daily live, Furthermore, threats of inflation, unemployment, security, last appearance, leaves a lot to say when violence, murders, thefts are increasing and no solutions in sight to ensure the right to life. Adds Oliveto in his writing, that very little thought has been given on a cost which exceeded the heat of the situation, cale perhaps much deeper and is even more onerous than the economic loss or leakage of power: the emotional cost. Comments, which should concern us, increased exponential of anguish, feeling that emerges as one of the main ills of postmodern times, here and in much of the world. In another of his lucid records, one of the characters of Tute asks a woman: what is your major do fantasy?, to which she responds: lie down and get up with the same person throughout life. Engrossed, the sentence: Wow, Betty, your imagination has no limits. Such fragility is scary. So afraid of scary.

Fear of everything. That tomorrow everything will be different. To not have a minimum guarantee of what might happen. Not knowing what to do. To helplessness, loneliness, to lose what has been achieved, to not get dear, not wanting to what has been achieved. It is not so worrisome indicates, the conflict. It is inherent to the human being. We are social beings. And under this condition we exercise daily coexistence. As the French philosopher Comte-Sponville holding it in human life, Essentials of social life, in general, and policy, in particular, is that it is always collective and troubled.