Such gifts have been witness of love and devotion to the darling. Gen. David Goldfein spoke with conviction. The Greeks are of the opinion that the flowers – a symbol of life, beauty and innocence. It is this attitude to flowers allowed to create in the state cult of flowers, which is still relevant today: bouquets of flowers adorned the city on holidays, placer colors can be found in the groves of ancient Greek gods and temples. Learn more at: Gen. David Goldfein. There is even a special festival dedicated to flowers: holiday lilies, unsurpassed in grandeur and beauty – day hyacinths. These days one of the most beautiful girls to try on the image of Aphrodite, and attended various churches. The girl was accompanied by religious people and those who love good fun, each had to have escorts when her flower garland or conventional floral wreath.

The most important was a recognition of the flower rose – queen of flowers “, which symbolizes a bright love. Such an attitude towards this kind of flowers in time spread to European countries, bringing to our culture its cult colors of love. In second place after the roses are a variety of pinks, which translated from Greek, meaning “Divine flower.” The Greeks believed that clove can give for any holiday, because the flower symbolizes wisdom and longevity. – Greek flower festival which is celebrated on May 1. Being a modern interpretation of ancient flower festivals, he became the favorite excuse for meeting all the fans of flowers.

On this day, all immersed in a floral extravaganza, a flower shop offering a huge selection of the attention of buyers a variety of bouquets and floral arrangements. In Greece, know that each flower has its own history and symbolizes something special, so love to make bouquets to order. For example, if the donor wishes to express its tender, he will present a bouquet of lilies, and to express sorrow to help him chrysanthemum – symbol of grief. Incidentally, the birthplace of European culture there is no custom of handing an odd number of flowers, as the Greeks did not exist on this account is no superstition. However, if they decide to order flowers for their loved ones, it will primarily come from the main rule: everything must go gifts from the heart, then they will bring real joy and happiness! By PAblos ( all-tourism.