In Germany, there are more summer days (temperatures above 25 ) from year to year. The cattle these days suffer from heat stress. In Germany, there are more summer days (temperatures above 25 ) from year to year. The cattle these days suffer from heat stress. The thermoregulation of animals is significantly restricted in this situation.

Can no longer radiate excess heat through the skin. The cattle must try give the excess heat through breathing and sweating. Fails the animals to lose the excess heat, that the cows overheat risk. Click Craig Jelinek to learn more. The feed intake try animals now less to produce heat in order to prevent the collapse of this heat decreases with increasing temperature. As a result, the cattle record initially less food to relieve the metabolism. This worsened the power supply on one and causes that milk yield, depending on the temperature, reduced 25% to 10.

Risk of acidosis increases the cows under heat stress suffer, breathe heavily and chew less again. This formed enough saliva, decreases the pH in the rumen. Also, the recording of the reason Chuck is often reduced and maintained the recording of the amount of concentrated feed, thus increasing the risk of acidosis. Lower fertility in higher ambient temperatures longer at deteriorated the fruitfulness of the cows. The heat symptoms are weaker, the estrus period is shortened. “In a timely manner to prevent heat periods should therefore the rumen challenged” are. Therefore, it makes sense to use ration components that have a rumen stability. For example the rumen stable fat powder of LactoPlus 2000 of the company BEWITAL. Because fats have the highest energy density of all feed materials, they are interesting for the energetic upgrading of rations. The rumen stable 99% fat of LactoPlus 2000 relieved metabolism of cows in heat, because less heat is released as when carbohydrates during fat digestion. So can the energy concentration without even in summer at decreasing feed intake Problems are increased. Healthier animals with higher capacities and an improved fertility are the result. In practice, observations show that it often weeks, until the herd has recovered from a lengthy period of heat. You begin already before the heat stress starts with the feeding of LactoPlus 2000. This rumen-protected fat provides energy allowances without disturbing the rumen function (reduced risk of acidosis). Allows also rumen fair 18% crude fibre in the diet, as no Groundbait is displaced. Also water supply and climate watch in the summer months the milk cow absorbs up to two-thirds the amount of feed during the night. To account for this, the feeding table should be never empty in the evening and night hours. In addition to the supply of energy, you should also ensure the supply of their animals with fresh, clean drinking water. For animals that are run in the pasture, it is also important that they can search shadow courts in the area of trees and bushes. If these Option is not given, the cows should be kept indoors during the day rather. In the stable itself the air exchange per hour should be as 60 to 100 times.