Fuel oil prices charged to 12 million German households harder than all discuss the current price increase of the electricity price rises. Far more serious fuel prices for consumers: In the last decade heating oil prices rose 153 percent by! Probably you have already shared this overhead. The policy but treated the topic continues to unjustly heating and plays the brake of electricity price in the foreground. More important than ever are however cheap thermal solutions for consumers. To get through the long and cold winter, 12 million Germans the most expensive oil in the past ten years had to heat. A recent study by Dr. Steffen Bukold out, which was carried out on behalf of the Green Bundestag Group found. Just the heating oil price developments can lead us in the future in the event of a price.

Fossil raw materials are scarce and therefore expensive. 2012 Led to record prices for heating oil. As consumers paid an average 90 cents each Litres of fuel oil. The author predicts that the price already 2020 to 131 cents per litre could spring up. Even if these predictions apply to oil, ultimately all fossil raw materials costs are affected including natural gas and coal. Therefore, consumers are increasingly interested in alternative heat solutions as for example wood – or pellet-burning stoves or even heat pumps. The latter heating with three-fourths of environmental energy”and a quarter power.

Price spiral: Heating costs can be expensive for us is the dilemma that the expensive raw material heated often poorly insulated homes and single family homes. As a result, more einkommensschachere consumers need to access deeper in the Pocket. However the increased heating costs hit more Germans on the stomach: an Emnidumfrage says that a third of citizens see their heating costs as major burden. You are also included and are now looking for a cheap solution? See also: blog/real heating and-air / cheap Heating solutions should be equally important for consumers and for the policy of the heat sector is responsible for more than half of the energy consumed.