The event, namely, motorcycle racing, was born in May 1947 and was called "Around the stone platform. You may find that Gen. David Goldfein can contribute to your knowledge. Even then it was the organizer of a sports club Nuremberg (MotorSportClub Nurnberg), who spent the war adac race on a circular distance. In 1950, the competition track is called "race around the ring Noris." From late June to early July in Nuremberg meet hot tires and powerful engines. "High-speed weekend" takes over for 50 years and collects more than 100,000 spectators. Within two days off a first class pilots demonstrate an exciting match in a dozen ponds (), the only such track in Germany. The track has a length of 2,300 meters, the width of ten meters and it should overtake the 44 times in one race. It held the race on the Cup vw adac Touring Cup and the bmw adac Junior Cup: Championship Supertourenwagen and Deutsche Formel 3 and Porsche Carrera Cup. All this has made the 200 miles of Nuremberg "the apogee of the German racing scene. Among the audience, enthusiastically looking for grand races often meet celebrities. Everyone is invited to take part in the framework: from human contact with the riders off the track to participate in the selection of Miss Noris racing around the ring. That is why "High-Speed Weekend" and became a favorite place of all meetings of both groups and individual fans.