Yearning for freedom “Have you ever wondered why you like so much holiday escape? What you’re looking to find another place that you find in your own home? Perhaps what we are looking for is before us, or rather, within us. Looking for a vacation destination for our freedom of expression, religious belief, information, freedom to express opinions, publish, create, academic freedom, economic, leisure … It seems that in the 21st century everyone has the ability to create your own type of freedom. Hybrid bikes understood the implications. But is there an absolute and unconditional freedom? Is not anything, but a simple free, unlimited, total? For the majority, freedom means to escape from work responsibilities and everyday problems. Forget the worries and pressures, the chief and our accounts in the red. We are looking for a little escape from life in order to catch his breath.

We worked hard and saved all year to finally have a few moments of piety in a sandy beach. As know, while on holiday, things do not always go as we wish, either by the hotel or flight, children just decide it’s the perfect time to get sick. For one reason or another, most of the holidays does not end up being the dream expected. Even if we are lucky and they are perfect, every passing moment reminds us that will end soon and we need to reconnect with “real life.” So are we really more free to escape the daily routine, What would happen if there was a different way of living for not wanting to escape in search of freedom? Are there endless perfect vacation? In fact there are.