First of all, we should determine the amount of future backpack. There are two possible errors – too small and too big backpack. Big backpack provokes cram into it a little more. And if things still be small, then they will not densely packed and the backpack will be hanging out. In the technically simple hikes in less than one month is usually enough for 70-90 liters.

Women usually have less than 60-70 liters. But in any case, it is better to have a small margin in volume than each time half-hour pack a backpack or hitch out everything you can. If you decide to buy a backpack, then you should know all about the expedition, trekking, assault backpacks and bags is. An example of using expedition backpack may be getting to the base camp of climbers and cavers, a water hike in collapsible vessels, as well as hiking or mountain hike autonomous long duration. Expedition backpacks should have large volume and allows you to move a lot of weight.

Best of all these requirements are satisfied easel rucksack or backpack with a strong internal frame. For most hiking backpack is enough capacity from 50 to 80 liters. This is so called Trekking rucksacks. These backpacks are the most widely used, they are intended for not very long trips where weight and volume of food and equipment are not too large. It could be hiking, mountain and ski trips, and well as day hikes. Trekking rucksacks usually have an internal frame of metal or plastic plates.