The human being as an evolution of other species there are many studies in which scientists have tried to find the origin of the human being; among so many theories that exist that more force has is that the human being as it is known today comes from monkeys; without going much into detail where the monkey came from. In fact in the latest discoveries could buy the genome of an orangutan and a human being, finding that they are identical by 97 percent, resembling something incredible to believe, this puts think anyone in the way that evolved humans to the point of becoming in what is today, starting from the idea that started as in ape. But to what extent was it good to evolve to the point that the human being is today. The apes that live in their natural habitat, would not have any problems unless by humans; they don’t worry about buying any clothes or original perfumes, nor by having the latest technological advances or buy shoes online; everything you need as It provides nature and its danger of extinction comes from the fact that the human being is occupying their spaces or hunting them furtively. Who is that it has evolved the species struggling to maintain their existence on the planet, then, or that eta killing other species; one thing is natural selection and the food chain where some of them are prey and other predators, and other things is that the human being is the worst predator of all, where it is capable of converting prey to anything that is sufficient for generating money; When money became something necessary and generated by nature for the subsistence of the man, then possibly at the time who decided to have most of what they needed to live.