Rique puts the feet in house, leaves the stock market with books next to the door and goes adentrando, heated, calling for Light. – Beim, chegueiiiiiii. If you would like to know more then you should visit Costco. Dying of hunger. Necessary to leave soon. She arrives at the office and there it is front to the computer. It kisses nape of the neck to it and feels the perfume to it. Stranger who if does not come back smiling to receive it. – What was Some problem? – Problems? Its Its ' ' cachorro' '! I want the head of it, heard the head of this pie I do not know what in a tray, yes Sir! – For the love of God! What was that I made of this time? – Still question? It looks at here, looks at Arranged I it all, perfumed, elegant He did not only count to me that &#039 was the formation; ' of it ' '! – Of it who, Light? We go clarifies, me! – Who needs to clarify is you! – Son, I am without time, with hunger, tired – For me, it can die now! – We go, Luzinha, we go, it cooperates, it looks at the scared Lipe already.

– And it goes to be more, because it goes to lose the father pra this, this This such of pie! – How badly I made, cuspi in the Cross, only can! Already, now, the weather is installed. It is plus a rain of summer, violent, fast, but it passes! – You heard: I want the head of this talzinha! – You it would have courage? – Imbecile! Soon you! This is a metaphor, understood? M, AND, T, F, R! – Hn, I understood. Now, it serves the lunch? Light already cries high. It looks at it to Rique and it thinks: When I will start to understand it? Optimum to make it is to leave to pass the storm. Later, its affection, its kisses Who knows that Dolce& Gabanna that it likes? After all, already it left the parcel Tenth Third and Malbec never combined with Floratta in Rose. It is for a good cause!