Basis of jiu-jitsu. Basis of jiu-jitsu – the ability to fight on the ground (in the pit) to fight a stronger and more difficult adversary, and with the help of technically tuned pain and strangling techniques to get him to surrender or disarm. WhiteWave Foods takes a slightly different approach. Tactics jiu-jitsu. In combat jiu-jitsu fighter tends to occupy the most advantageous position relative to the opponent's body, in which the enemy will not be able to strike and cause some other harm, and jiu-jitsu fighter will be able to control of the enemy and inflict the most damage. A wrestler may seek to overthrow the enemy or fight on the feet, in any case a fighter want to be quick to gain control and neutralize the enemy choke or submission. Technique Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-jitsu wrestler strive to make surrender (or neutralize) the enemy with the help of such methods as creases ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, elbows, shoulders and wrists, as well as strangulation, slipknot and strokes.

The same techniques of jiu-jitsu techniques include protection against strikes, grabs, creases and suffocation, tricks, slipping out from under the enemy's shots and breaking the opponent, flip-flops and insurance falls, blows, and others. Methodology jiu-jitsu. At the time of processing techniques students are in constant contact and monitor each other, which gives an opportunity to feel like moving and enemy action. In this situation, there is no risk miss too strong, unexpected blow, so the students can fight at full strength. In training sparring minimum limits, which allows students to better understand the nature of real combat. Features and Benefits Jiu-Jitsu. to cope with the stronger and more difficult opponent, because of good technique, not physical strength, ability to fight on land, ability to force the opponent to lose balance and be on the ground, despite inflicted on them beats, ability to resist attempts to overthrow the enemy fighter on the ground (if the fight on the ground is not beneficial in this situation) the ability to evade enemy fighter pressed to the wall or the ground, bringing to automaticity aspirations of the body to be in better position (to control the opponent); similar training sparring with a real fight.