This work often, but not always. In advance, there were also protests to stadium construction. How have you encountered this? Such a construction, there are always protests. It’s like: most people are in favour of a new football stadium, but say: not in front of my door. I accompanied ARENA in Mannheim with the construction of the SAP from 2003 to 2005. There were protests in a completely different order of magnitude.

The owner of a Schrebergartens established there, that built noise protection for EUR 400,000. In addition, the animal on the barricades realized. Field hamster, incidentally, never seen, were resettled in an elaborate style. We didn’t have these problems in Mainz. We have used here on dialogue and reason. We have quite understanding, if not everyone is thrilled that a stadium will be built. But in Mainz, the number of protesters in modest frame held.

What are you in the Club about sustainability? The intense as successful young care, our many social projects, but also sharing in the Secretariat and environment. Enjoy high and Europe Sympathy values. How do you explain that? Mainz 05 has written in the years 2003 and 2004. Not two ascents were so tragic, so incredible. The reaction of coach Jurgen Klopp, the reaction of the management and the fans was unique. Namely athletic, fair. Mainz has sunk twice in a row in a sea of tears. Every football fan suffered with, could and was allowed to be joking. This story was so dramatic, in the end it was the beginning of a huge wave of sympathy. In addition, the Mainz audience is very hospitable, cheerful and open-minded. We are an emotional association with a Management Board, which is in Office for 23 years. That is unique and of course confidence. What other environmental considerations were taken into account at the new stadium? In the new stadium pretty much everything was observed, which falls under the heading of Ecology.