But still we did not want to see that still required of us. God has given us yet another hint – recognized as an official national holiday and day off day of reverence of the Kazan Mother of God celebrated by the church on November 4. But without this icon, none of our war with the Russian people heathens, infidels in its history has not passed. In all wars it is through this image of the Russian people turned to the Virgin – Quick to our savior and help in overcoming the invaders. And every time she helped.

But – all in vain, did not understand again. That's when God gave us our football team. And now it has become clear that this was the only chance unite our entire country, all our people, our entire nation in a single being, ill and undergoing a while, think about one and ready to pray to Him for our victory. And through this unity again to give us to understand who the master of everything. But we – Russian – by calling their obligation to bear in the world of our faith in Christ, and the deeds to prove that only God decides everything, not strength, dexterity, luck, money, etc., etc., to which we so earnestly teach the westerly winds. and Our team, our beloved team, with difficulty, but according to His will, came in the Euro-08. Where, again according to the greatness of His mercy and love for us, had created a miracle – 3:1.