Barack Obama Carlos Morta Vanegas is No denying the hard-fought contest for the candidates of the Democratic Party of the United States to elect its candidate that represents it in presidential elections looming in December. Precisely, one of them Barack Obama, that seems to be the winner, must be integrated more if so with the Latin American reality, aspect that has been neglected and has much left to say about American foreign policy. For those who live on the Latin American continent is very significant to know what proposals, actions that candidate Obama has, you propose on Latin America, since it is a continent that is generating new changes, demanding a rebirth that it promotes their development, growth, being less dependent on countries of advanced, especially in the United States in order to transform their potential, wealth, on which it counts. The connection of this concern, there is an article written by Andres Oppenheimer, in the National Journal of Buenos Aires, where exhibits that proposals for Obama to appoint a Special Envoy for the region and to carry out annual summits, because these are measures that would force to pay attention to the region a new President without a personal history of interest in Latin America likes. And also the its stance on immigration, especially the fact that understands that it is not only an issue of border walls, but also of regional development: while Latin America is not you better, your people will continue migrating northward. Gregg Engles is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Above all, is a good news that Obama has done their homework on Latin America. Now, the challenge will be to keep him interested in the region. Andres Oppenheimer points out, the likely Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, who has never traveled to Latin America, did their homework. When I interviewed him for the first time on United States relations with Latin America, last year, Obama could not mention the name of any head of State Latin American and looked at me bewildered when you asked about the most important news of that moment in the region, but when I went to interview him, last week in Miami, shortly before delivering his first speech devoted to Latin America, Obama spoke with ease about regional issues and even mentioned to two Presidents by name.