(So do not get me) … Do not be more than half a brain to understand that negotiations or discussions initiated or continued during this summit with other leaders of the southern bloc is the main reason for the tour in which Lula is now embarked, and has met with Bachelet in Chile and Kirchner in Argentina … “Agreements to be reached the “founders”?. These are just a few samples of the policy of Lula “outside doors, inside has the same consistency and vision, recently (and not the first time) were pushed hard to plan a drug company (Merck ) on the subject of a drug that is the backbone of treatment for patients with AIDS. Brazil has for some years one of the best and most lauded programs (in terms of state policy) prevention and care to patients with AIDS, a program that watches from the free distribution of condoms to implementation, by the state, necessary treatment of infected patients.

As part of state policy is obviously negotiating with laboratories producing drugs to obtain prices and conditions for not only the continuity of the program but also its expansion. Since November it has been negotiating with Merck and has not reached agreement, the refusal of the laboratory in terms level the price of the drug with the price that gives other countries and given their counter that only lowered the price by 2% Brazil has threatened to “break” the patent and purchase the generic WHO, it has already worked to Brazil in the past with another laboratory, that in such a threat in a little guard, and finally achieving agreed to renegotiate the agreement but for the moment, in this case, Merck has not set position on this statement, I imagine they will be removing accounts. Ultimately and finally, I wanted to highlight is the apparent “awakening” of Lula in the second term and I confess that maybe in the past failed to pay sufficient attention to news about him or his actions but honestly I have the impression than one time now the “mobility”, the energy and determination with which conducts its work have increased, and if your government can mitigate action, if not resolve, the tremendous differences and social conflict which are the main bottlenecks in the final anchor off of their nation, Brazil around a few years can become a center of power at all levels, not insignificant and well above the currently already holds summarized in the cliche of “Giant of the South.”.