For Maquiavel, the old paganismo acted in the direction to become similar the strong and tenacious men becoming them the sacred ceremonies that contained ferocity. This religion accented the love to this world, becoming possible the devotion the common good and the cult to the native land. The Christianity, on the contrary of this, seems to inspire the men to the disdain for this world and to the desire of the celestial glory. It creates in the men a double citizenship makes that them to lose the virtues of this world, as writes the Florentine one: As our religion it shows to the truth and the true way, this makes esteem little the mundane honors, whereas the heathen ones, esteem them very and having them for the highest point well, were bolder in its action. This can be proven in many of its institutions, starting for the magnificncia of its sacrifices and the humildade of ours, whose pomp is more delicate of what magnificent and it does not imply in none so fierce or galharda. There it did not lack the pomp, nor the magnificncia and they if it added the act of sacrifice, full of blood and ferocity, therefore great amounts of animals committed suicide, and this spectacle, being terrible, became the similar men it. The old religion, moreover, only beatified the full men of mundane glory, as the captains of armies and the princes of the republics. Our religion it glorified more the humble and contemplativos men of what the assets. To this if it adds that it placed the highest point in the humildade well, in the abjeo and the disdain of the things human beings, while to put it to another one in the largeness of spirit, the corporal ortaleza and all the adjusted things to make forts the men.