Meet Mikhail Leontiev – the person on television to respond to major events of modern times. Journalist and columnist whose opinion eagerly awaiting and cited many foreign news agencies. His strength – conviction, his faith – both economically and politically powerful state, its logic – common sense person living in Russia. Journalists of the caliber of our units, but among them, he – a special figure. – The protagonist of the famous the movie "The Devil's Advocate" in his closing monologue notices that conceit – one of the major flaws of humanity.

Each of us perceives it differently. And what is your understanding of vanity? – As a Christian, this is called pride is not even a flaw, it is – a mortal sin, folly. Vanity – the most vulgar 'home' kind of pride. Both are characteristic of so many people involved in public activities. A humble pride necessary.

– Does the image in your life and work of some kind of role? You watch his style of dress? – No way. Me on this, frankly, to sneeze. – Mikhail Vladimirovich, do you agree that the Russian mass media become the media misinformation, and how you think, who needs it? – What information one to another disinformation … In fact, in Russia there is unlimited and boundless freedom of information. Beginning and ending with the Internet and radio various publications, including the radical opposition. I want to see that Russia is "suppress" the opposition only one thing: the radical opposition is not allowed in three national terrestrial channels. They are 'information' in TV tend to spread? They need the tools of propaganda. And it's quite another matter. Moreover, we have "opposition" – those who do not just hate the current regime in Russia, but he is credited, at least, crime against humanity and called for the overthrow of the regime.