Holland is only a province of the Netherlands and not a separate state. The Netherlands consist of many provinces. The southernmost and also the annual average in the sunniest province is one of the provinces which consists of several peninsulas, and on dry land access, Zeeland Flanders at the Belgian border.

A magnetic attraction of the annual activities in August that the visitor next to highlight the activities of fishing fun, action and entertainment as well as the completion of several days of activities offers a skilfull fireworks. The idyllic landscape is moving holidaymakers to the spell. Whether the bird sanctuary, the sandy banks of the seal colonies and the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands in metal construction, the area is perfect for walking and hiking that way. And even if it is not so sunny times is the lake developed in spring temperatures and autumnal storms their own flair, it’s worth it to discover again and again. This was in the seventies and eighties of the last century is still an insider tip for tourists, besides the already traditional, older camps lately, many resorts have been created. So it is natural for the tourists no problem at all, a holiday for his relaxing vacation for rent, especially as the cottage area directly behind the dikes are and you can comfortably stroll to walk to the beach. Should time prevail no beach weather, then offer the surrounding areas of or for sightseeing. In particular, it pays to do with the pedestrian and bicycle ferry a day trip to the peninsula.