News is one of the most common tools among web masters. Along with the scripts and Java applets, they occupy a worthy place in the creation and filling of web sites. What are these informers, for which they and are they really so useful. Let's try to look at this phenomenon with a critical eye. Let's start with the cons: One of the main shortcomings of the informers is that created by other people, he does not always fit smoothly into the design of your site. In addition to the design is just as important and the size and configuration.

Sometimes it is necessary to place some or informer, but unfortunately he is not suitable in size and in configuration. What to do in this case? In the network enough information portals providing services for the selection of necessary informers, so most likely you just need to "walk" across the network, most likely you find what are looking for. Another drawback is that not all informers can provide the necessary information. That is, for example that you need to "weather ticker shows the number of parameters: "Temperature", "humidity", "pressure" and yet that either of your choice, but you find just what shows part of your list or do what any one parameter. What may be advisable in this case? Likely everything is the same as the previous one. Certainly in the network there, what you are looking for. However, in addition, the solution to your problems in choosing the right of the informer, and may be creating your own, that is made "on demand" in According to your needs and wishes.