In any case, in the end he will work a reputation reason why he is doing and no by its words or promises. As he used to say friend mine, to the people of Africa does not gain by the publicity or marketing to them, unlike Europe but by results. Third party. If it wants to make businesses in Africa, it must be preparation stops to spend long time there. If it is thinking about handling his business in Africa from the comfort of his own country and with the aid of the new technologies (videoconferences, Skype ) it olvdese.

Like in any other country, if it wants to be successful, it is necessary to be there, especially in the starting phases. Directing its business a the distance, most probable is quepierda the contact and the essence than it is happening really. The modern present platforms of communication are a real danger because although helps to create the illusion of which it is physically there, it is simply that, an illusion. Quarter. Asegrese of to have a partner. Although it is extremely important to physically be in Africa everything what is possible and mainly in starting phases of the business, in fact there will be seasons in which one will have that to be abroad. (In tropical Africa, the stay recommended for a European is of of three months.

Every week of more, increases the risk of contracting tropical diseases, most common being the malaria). The question is, who is in charge of the business while it is not there? Within it enters five ten years, surely it will end up creating a work party in which it can to trust to direct the business. Meanwhile, the best formula is to look for ” to alter ego” , that is to say, somebody that can be You while you are outside. Actually, many businesses in Africa are managed by two or more partners, who are alternating their stay in the place of the establishment. fs. , Of course most important it is to find a partner with whom it can trust. Fifth. It uses to his workers in the place where its business is located. It always has employees the premises; it is fundamental so that its business goes well. Some international companies transfer a their administrative group when they only expand his business in Africa and contracts local manpower due to pressures on the part of the administrative authorities and normally for works of loss qualification. In my opinion it is a great error and, in the case of small and medians companies, simply he is not viable. Whatever more local using have, more integrated is going to be their business in the African society and it will have major recognition on the part of the authorities and potentials clients. On the other hand, it is learned very many of the country working with the people who live there. It needs to learn a to work with them and to choose the best candidates.