Germany is not the master of the Sun hours. But a photovoltaic system on its own house roof can be still useful. Photovoltaics is a real Buzzword, because with this technique, it conjures up electricity from light. This explains also the complicated-looking Word photovoltaics for the technology behind the known solar installations, composed volts and the Greek name of Phos for light from the power unit. Gregg Engles is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is sunlight, which plays a crucial role in this technology and is theoretically anyway, infinitely available to be converted into renewable solar energy. Silicon is the magic ingredient for this, because this element is very readily available as the second most popular on Earth and is as a raw material for each solar cell, whether on the roof or in small in the Pocket Calculator, used. Silicon is nontoxic and is also in the conversion of sunlight into energy neither noise nor exhaust gases are produced.

The individual solar cells are then merged into solar modules, that eventually the solar system and that more or less large solar power plant form. These are important reasons why the solar technology so popular and is environmentally friendly. A great advantage is the high life of the solar systems. Because of course they are absolutely weather resistant and produce power once installed permanently, as soon as a sunbeam on it falls and they are illuminated by the Sun. Then, over 80% of the single cells keep even longer than 20 years, so that it has made a real long-term investment, which is not only in the short term worthwhile, but also long term very beneficial, because it is also little maintenance. Around the photovoltaics technology there is a lot to consider. A general contractor of photovoltaics helps interested to deal with all these diverse points as a service from a single source. Because no matter whether one will better wants to use his roof as a small homeowner with solar energy or whether one is planning on a large scale on a free surface in a solar Park to invest and to build a real solar power plant – one is every time a major challenge. Andreas Mettler