We view the client to any given question as guided by their experience and knowledge. How do you see the future of event-market? To date, event-market is not yet fully formed. It can be divided into companies providing services on the basis of finished programs, scripts ready for implementation of which already have artists, presenters, chosen scenery and music design, and companies working exclusively on large-scale, exclusive of its kind projects. I think that for the second event-the future of the professional market. These companies “for a quality product”, which today want to see understanding the customer. It is known that many heads of major companies are organized for its employees fairly frequent corporate parties no longer want to watch performances of stars just in the restaurant and bought grand show programs with clearly thought the idea of holding. By the way, some of these programs later become an annual public events. It is for this approach to our business – the future.

– What plans does your company the near future? – To date except for a number of projects in Moscow, our specialists are developing a large-scale nation-wide project, to be held in summer in the cities of Russia. The essence of the project until I will not disclose, because copyright laws are not sufficient to protect the developers of such projects. I can only say one thing – he plans to be annual and cover all regions of our country. Also, the basic idea of contact with the Presidential Programme for a healthy lifestyle in our country. – Helen, that you may wish to our readers? – Any holiday in your life should be an event for your family or friends of the firm or city. And when the cause is taken professionals can be confident that the festival will take place whatever the weather! Your feedback and comments about the holidays in your life, we look forward to the address: also visit our website Call and we did our best embody your dreams into reality!