The Swedish discoverer by Osbeck was most surprised when he found “playing snow white dolphins” in 1765 in the China Sea. The Swedish discoverer by Osbeck was highly amazed as he took in the year 1765 in the China Sea “playing snow white dolphins”. Check with A. F. Chief of Staff to learn more. So one of the dolphin species the least researched was named founding confusion: Chinese white dolphins (Sousa chinensis). Not only in the Chinese sea, hitting on these marine mammals also is humpback dolphins called because their back hump? Its Habitat stretches to the Indo-Pacific region and the why Ozen. It is at least theoretically in coastal waters off the East coast of Africa as well as on the northern coast of Australia, or in the waters of Indonesia and the Philippines.

This between 2m and 3m wide and weighing up to 200kg dolphins are characterized by their characteristic longitudinal drawn back hump in the middle of her massive body, a long, slender snout, and their body color, color variations of brownish grey on light grey, pink or white, from. The comparatively slowly floating dolphins live animals that can form but also larger schools of over 20 animals in small groups often only 3 to 7. Humpback dolphins join together like dolphins porpoises occur, Indian harbour porpoises, bottlenose and spinner, you don’t know why that is. Chinese white dolphins are typical coastal dolphins that live in shallow waters and rarely venture out on the open sea. They prefer mangrove swamps, lagoons and estuaries, but also areas with reefs, sand – and mud pools, where they hunt fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Their preference for living near the coast this slightly plump looking only at first sight dolphins must share today with too many people – with fatal consequences.

The clearing of mangrove forests, boat noise, fatal injuries by boat propellers, by-catch in fishing nets and pollution resulted in the disappearance of several populations. Before Africa and Madagascar were they hunted for the purpose of procuring food and killed. About the existence of the species, there are “not enough data” according to the red list of threatened species of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), they are on Annex I of the species at risk of extinction, which means the international trade in these animals is prohibited in the Washington Convention (CITES/Cites). In spite of scientific interest in this dolphin species increased in the last decade, studies about them are rare. There are only a few active protection projects such as in South Africa or Mozambique. Young Chinese white dolphins jump often and do complete weather. The adults like it rather comfortably, sometimes they lie on the page and seem to beckon, maybe goodbye with their flippers?