This Friday married according to the civilian. The South African soprano Pumeza Matshikiza sang in honor the fianc2ee. Near 3,500 Monegasques they were congregated in the Place of the Palace of Monaco to be present at the event. Princes Alberto II and Charlene of Monaco, that was united this Friday in civil marriage, became to give to this Saturday ' s' , in a celebrated religious ceremony in the patio of honor of the Palace of the Principality. This second wedding is celebrated by the archbishop of Monaco, Bernard Barsi, that invited the spouses to take itself of the hand and to interchange its consent again. The pair promised to stay &quot faithful; in the joys and the pains, in the health and enfermedad" , to love itself every day of its life, and after the archbishop expressed his desire of which " what God has united not separates hombre" , the alliances were put.

Charlene already is princess Seria during the principle of the connection, could be seen as of that moment the relaxed exnadadora something more, especially when the South African soprano Pumeza Matshikiza sang in his honor. Charlene is from this Friday princess of Monaco, and had arrived at the patio of honor with a dress from modisto Italian Giorgio Armani, before the letter watched of near 3,500 Monegasques congregated in the Place of the Palace, and of the other 800 guests who are direct witnesses of the celebration. The South African, of 33 years, 20 less than the prince, appeared of the arm of her father, the Monegasque Michael Kenneth Wittstock, with whom she crossed white the red carpet and, colors. Musical guests of honor In this second ceremony, celebrated in French, music ran in charge of the Philharmonic Orchestra and of the Choir of the Opera of Montecar it, with the participation of the Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flrez, of the Italian Andrea Bocelli, the American soprano Rene Fleming and Matshikiza. The honor patio has become of exceptional way a church " outdoors " , with furniture of the chapel of Palace, chairs prepared in semicircle in front of the imposing marble stairs of Carrara, and an unfolded cover to do to him to assistants more bearable the heat. When finalizing the religious office, the pair made the nuptial route in a convertible until the Church of Santa Devota, employer of Monaco, in which the princess, like the deceased did Grace Kelly after her wedding with Rainiero III in 1956, deposited her branch. Source of the news: Alberto II and Charlene of Monaco returns to occur ' s' , now in its religious wedding