Remember that advertising is stimulating and also an integral part of image advertising. Some of your ads also create a certain image of the buyer of your company. This may be not an image of your company as a whole, but the image of the direction that you currently represent. However, planning promotional activities, do not forget about the integrity of the image of your company. This can significantly help the company style, and planning advertising campaigns rather than individual events. The most effective ads repeated in newspapers and magazines (those who read your potential customers or partners); direct mail delivery (direct mail ') radio advertising; participation in exhibitions; television advertising (effective, but its high cost can be absorbed by your income). By enabling features of the Russian advertising is the fact that advertising goods in total advertising occupies fairly insignificant place.

This is mainly advertising firms. Why is this happening? Primarily because we very little domestic goods competition between which practically no. It is obvious that in such a situation merits the description of the goods, the fight for the best way to inform customers about the qualities of his product is unnecessary. The main task – to bring information about the company and the proposed product to the greatest possible number of buyers. Due to the unstable economic situation, many firms do not exactly know what they will sell the next time, and often links to suppliers are temporary and unstable. That is why the company considered the most rational advertise themselves first, and then the one commodity that is now available. This situation can not be called normal. All the troubles of Russian advertising: the absence of lively texts, effective slogans, etc.

occur because of an abnormal situation on the commodity market. Advertising – a reflection of market conditions. While he was in Russia will be flawed – advertising will be sufficiently primitive. As soon as the competition will be aware of yourself as more sophisticated and quality will be, and advertising. After analyzing examples of good ads, we see that they refer primarily to those areas where there is a serious competition of goods or services or the cost of goods is so large that the battle for customers is at the level of his conviction, and not just its information. Therefore, prior to advertising activities sure to pay attention to the situation in this sector of the market from your competitors: the higher the competition, the more elaborate texts to be promotional and advertising campaign as a whole. Advertisement stability. Even with the streamlined sales of goods and services, and in full 'order book' (in other words, if there is a certain amount of ideas about your product or company with your customers and partners) must from time to advertising time to fix the results. The most effective ads hidden advertising in the form of articles about your business and products; participation in trade shows, direct mail your regular partners prospectus (the report) of your annual business. Prospectus or in commemoration of the anniversary of your company. Even before the release of the product, product, service on the market it is useful to pre-campaign, notice to that from a certain date does your firm is launching a new product. Terms of preliminary advertising may be different from two months up to a week – depending on the scope of your advertising campaign, which is directly related to the volume your production and profit expectations, as well as the appointment of the goods.