Spring brings a deep-rooted traditions and charming of Catalonia, Sant Sordi Day. This day so tied to the literature, takes place April 23. Since 1996 UNESCO has declared this day International. Thus, commemorates the death of two great writers: William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, in addition to the death of George of Cappadocia, patron of Catalonia. Sant Jordi is the day of love to the Catalans. Thus, the couples exchange roses and books as a token of love. Before the gentlemen gave a rose to the ladies and they, in return, offered them a book. But it seems that the tradition has been modernized and today people give away two gifts to their loved ones.

The custom of giving a rose to the woman he loved XV century. Some believe that this practice comes from the Fair or Valentine’s Roses to be held in Barcelona during the summer months. But the theory’s most charming gentlemen brought Catalans who traveled to the East with its famous stories of Sant Jordi: legend has it that Saint George is pitted against a terrifying dragon that had caught the queen. a ste got beat and blood shed of the beast grew a rose as a sign of friendship and love. Since then, men give women a rose, and they will return the detail with a book. Sant Jordi’s Day is closely linked to the Catalan culture and sentiment. Therefore, all Catalans hang (its regional flag) on the balconies this day.

So much so that the roses are sold Sant Jordi accompanied by, in addition to an ear of wheat. On the other hand, thanks to the appointment of April 23 as a International Libroo OEDI , Catalan cities promote the sale of books, in Barcelona rise hundreds of street book stalls, stands well for the most famous authors now sign their manuscripts. In addition, this day are all kinds of activities Leisure and cultural, literary workshops, outdoor concerts, etc.. Run for your tickets to the county town and do not miss this wonderful celebration. Discover the most deeply rooted traditions of Catalonia. And for your comfort, rent. Assurance is an unforgettable experience!