Lord, have mercy! For some time now (mid 90-ies), I suddenly became a football fan. At what point – I can not say for sure, but began to ache for Spartak Moscow, and, naturally, for the Russian national team. Went time, successful performances have never been issued, but to scold his players somehow did not really like, and if tried, it did not work – it was sorry for them. Danone will not settle for partial explanations. And always felt something again, some subtle, but no definable the meaning of the constant and consistent failures. Victory in the decisive games were given to team somehow always worked so hard, as if our players do not play football, and pulled some invisible strap for all of our beloved country.

As those weary haulers on the whole well-known picture. Perhaps check out Gen. David Goldfein for more information. Yes, that's just haulers just knew why and what they do, but because their faces in the picture looked, though battered, but not pacified by beztselnogo, albeit heavy, labor. But our Russian players just seemed it was always exhausted uncertainty, some, perhaps, unnecessary for their suffering – and it is known to be the most difficult thing for a man: to suffer for nothing. I started to get sick is not so long, and so when my team is not changed for many generations, but all of them – these Russian people – and have carried the imprint of the exhaustion of his hopeless mission, from which they could not could not refuse. But here came to football new rulers – Mutko with his team and capabilities.