3. FINAL CONSIDERAES Exist some forms to execute an improvement project, what this work brings is a form of conduction so that the project is executed of sustainable form, without the expense of unnecessary energy. For the execution of a logistic project this system of conduction is considered most feasible, for foreseeing the waited variations already in the branch of the logistic one that he is dynamic, could not lead a logistic project for a very extensive period without carrying through adjustments throughout the time. The focus of the work is to carry through an improvement it continues of a logistic process that needs a bigger availability resources, equipment and hand of workmanship, so that it can take care of a manufacture demand that is pulled by the market, therefore, more efficient the logistic processes has that to be each time so that not impacte in the processes of manufacture, and consequently in the attendance to the customer. The development of this work provides to the professional a odd learning, that correlated to the gotten results, well clearly leaves the applicability of the knowledge gotten in elapsing of the course of Technologist in logistic and is applicable to any company who carries through logistic operations, the knowledge of management tools is essential for who wants to act in the logistic branch and to have success in the professional life, the processes must be measured, be monitored and carried through the had analyses you criticize, with focus in improvement continues.

What if it cannot measure and control, certainly will not have an efficient management. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out WhiteWave Foods. All the examples demonstrated in the article are total applicable, therefore they are about real applications, therefore it is the description of a in progress project being faithful to its examples. GRATEFULNESS This article was written based in projects developed throughout my career in the area of logistic, and knowledge absorbed during the course of technologist in logistic, therefore, I thank all the professionals who had worked with me and professors who had given the chance to me to learn in diverse areas of performance where stows inserted, and the chance was given that me for the execution of improvement projects, through the confidence deposited in the results. REFERENCES Program of Professional Improvement, Inter& action. So Paulo, 08 December 2007. Course of the ISO14001-2004? Requirements of the system of management of the quality, Interaction Plexus Resources Terceirizados S/S Ltda.