To do so, He will be demonstrating a genuine interest in understanding your needs. Also, do not assume what they already know (or don’t know) about your product or service. Instead, discover the lack of knowledge by asking: to not sound repetitive, how familiar you resulta___? 4. Allow promotional sales materials. Their presentation materials are designed to educate their potential customers and are also excellent sales tools. However, it is its duty to provide appropriate information that is directed to the specific needs of the potential customer and to reaffirm the special features of your product.

Also make sure that all material that leaves the customer potential has complete contact information of your company (numbers of phone/fax, commercial address, URL and email address). Also, remember to get the contact information for the customer. 5 Follow up!Keep track of your potential customers demonstrates its commitment to build a relationship solid with them. Although it is possible to reject so many times, some potential buyers will appreciate your determination and may even come to turn into your best customers. In addition, traces of sales are more profitable than finding new customers. In a call or follow-up email not put the client in an uncomfortable situation asking if it has already taken a decision of purchase; in doing so, you also assume that the customer has all the information you need.

Instead, must convince him to indirectly attract with a sale or special promotion of your product or service in question, or do you know a friendly critique of a customer who made a recent purchase of the same product or service. Remember: your current customers can bring many future customers, that is why it is equally important to communicate with them regularly. 6 Specialists in close deals!Learn to recognize the signs of an imminent sale; a potential customer can indicate that it is ready to buy when it begins to ask questions about the product or the purchase process. Be careful to not answer questions with a simple Yes or no. Instead, answer a question with another question;How long the delivery? When wants it? 7 Ask for sale with security. The customer will notice his attitude; If you seem insecure to ask, they may doubt about the purchase. Never would of customer the opportunity to say NO. Instead, ask questions of options: can send you this unit after tomorrow of $1,200, or the weekend by $1,175. What do you prefer? Provide a specific stage of purchase offers to the potential customer the opportunity to take an immediate decision on details that otherwise might delay a sale. 8. Dispose of disinterested buyers. There is no doubt attract customers potential takes time and must be a consistent task to maintain your sales projects constantly in motion. However, try not to lose your valuable time and effort with the undecided people who do not they have intention to buy what you sell. The undecided seem to be interested in what you sell because they tend to ask many questions, but if the sales process does not advance after the third follow-up, it is time to reassess the sale to that potential client. In other words, know when to say when.