There is still a concept poderevnoy taken, ie, with the precise location and species of green space, a survey done by sites with lots of trees or in the presence of valuable plants, which must be preserved. Often, problems with electricity, telephone, sewer and water baffled many customers and builders and building converted into super expensive. From a deep study of these issues often depends on cost of land and cost of the supply of communications, in each case is individual work. Ordering and Surveying and received a report on the geology, you can decide how high the "put" building design and what to choose for the exterior walls as a guide cottage on the site, what materials to submit for approval. All these Work is usually performed in addition to the project, acquired the catalog or ordered individually. Step 3. Order house design Typical projects of houses, which provide some constructive and thickness of exterior walls, which are mandatory in accordance with the applicable regulations required to double-check for each climate zone, the more that part of the project was designed to put into effect new rules. Be sure to decide, to choose the project, what building materials, this work does not require excessive effort and energy, but obligatory.

Each architectural project is to build in any particular region, because the construction of walls, roofs, windows directly dependent on climate. After purchasing a typical project is not a country house in a hurry to start building immediately, otherwise the errors and mistakes are inevitable. The project – it is a thing which can not be used "just". Each project requires prior modifications and inspections, and if they do not hold, it may be that your site will not call in, soils will become swollen, the basement will be standing water in living will reign dull shade, and its windows will rest against the wall next door.